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Infant/ Toddler Program
Ages 6 months to 2 years   
Full and half day programs

Adapted for the special needs and development of infants and toddlers, this program works with each family to ensure individualized developmentally appropriate learning activities.  Daily oral and written communication with each family ensures that each child is getting the attention they deserve and need.  This program uses daily communications with each family about each child's observations while linking 
these observations to national early childhood standards.

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Preschool Program
Ages 3 to 5
Full and half day programs

Preschoolers are curious, inquisitive little ones who require unique individualized care and learning activities.  Little Angels strives to ensure the each child reaches their full learning potential through structured and unstructured play.  Communication is done electronically with each family about their child's observations while linking these observations to national early childhood standard

For information on tuition. 

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Ages 6 and up

We are delighted to provide an after school program for school aged children.  Continued learning and play, homework help, specialized tutoring, and academic preparedness are all available. The After School Program is available on an hourly basis.  Fee is $10.00 per hour and is subject to availability.
After School Program
Angela H. Bayer-Persico, M.Ed.
            GYM TIME
                     ART TIME
             DANCING TIME

           WEAVING BOARD
                   MATH TIME
                       HAMSTER TIME 
                    SAND TIME FUN
                    LITERACY ROOM